NTL member Kathleen Zellner talks about trying to get Steven Avery a new trial

National Trial Lawyers member Kathleen Zellner has been working to get Steven Avery, the man featured in Netflix’s Making a Murderer, a new trial, but the state of Wisconsin apparently doesn’t want to see it happen. The state sent Zellner a 19-page response to her arguments and new evidence she presented in a brief on March 12 that points to Avery’s possible innocence. Zellner talked to Newsweek about the state’s response.

“The State is thumbing its nose at the appellate court once again,” Zellner told Newsweek on Tuesday. “That court specifically ordered that the merits of the alleged bone destruction be addressed. Rather than follow the court’s directive, the State has constructed a convoluted procedural argument that defies logic or precedent.”

Avery won a right to appeal in February from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Read more about Zellner’s response to the state’s actions at Newsweek. 

Gloria Allred subject of new documentary on Netflix

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“I am a constant warrior,” says Allred.

The National Trial Lawyers Executive Committee member and president of the NTL for Women’s Rights association Gloria Allred is the subject of a new documentary, Seeing Allred, which was premiered at Sundance and will be available on Netflix, according to The Muse. The well-known advocate for women’s rights is described as a “unicorn among men.”

To thread together the story of how she positioned herself as America’s most vocal attorney and women’s rights activist, directors Roberta Grossman and Sophia Sartain use archival footage, interviews with clients (including Bill Cosby’s accusers) and Allred’s own testimony. Shot over the past three years, the film attempts to connect Allred’s professional labors with her personal ones and contends with the criticisms that birthed the Gloria Allred caricature.

You can read more about the documentary in this interview