Podcast: DNA, genealogical websites and privacy

DNADNA posted on a genealogical website helped investigators finally track down the man they believe is the Golden State Killer. While prosecutors and law enforcement personnel are praising the ways new DNA techniques can help identify suspects, defense attorneys and DNA experts say they’re concerned over privacy and ethical questions that have been raised. In this Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast from Legal Talk Network, hosts Bob Ambrogi and Craig Williams talk to DNA attorney Bicka Barlow and Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and discuss the issues raised by genetic identification.

Police tried to unlock phone with dead man’s finger

Investigators in Largo, Florida tried to unlock the phone of a man shot and killed by police by pressing the dead man’s finger against the phone’s fingerprint reader, according to the ABA Journal. But should the police have sought a warrant first? Experts interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times said what police did might not seem appropriate, but it was probably legal. The reason? Dead people don’t have an expectation of privacy. Largo police shot and killed Linus Phillip on March 23 after he attempted to drive off before being searched. Investigators say they wanted information on Phillip’s phone as part of their investigation into his death, as well as for a separate drug investigation.