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Woman Paid $2M to Settle 10-Year Wrongful Termination Case

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In the final chapter of a decade-long saga, lawyers for Sherry Chen, a Chinese-American scientist with the National Weather Service, announced a historic settlement on Thursday in two lawsuits against the US government for her wrongful prosecution and termination.

According to Chen’s lawyers, the settlement – US$550,000, and an additional US$1.25 million over 10 years – is one of the largest paid to an individual plaintiff in the history of the US Commerce Department, which oversees the weather service.

“The government’s investigation and prosecution of me was discriminatory and unjustified,” Chen said in a statement on Thursday. “The Commerce Department is finally being held responsible for its wrongdoing and for the conduct of its illegal security unit, which has had a devastating impact on my life and the lives of so many other federal employees. No one else should have to endure this injustice.”

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