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NTL member Kathleen Zellner to file appeal in "Making a Murderer" case

National Trial Lawyers member Kathleen Zellner is expected to file an appellate brief this week seeking the release of Steven Avery, the man profiled in the Making a Murderer series on Netflix. Esquire says Zellner will file a 22,000 page brief outlining why Avery deserves to be released from prison.

"The higher court is going to review all of this new evidence," Zellner said. "After we file, the state will file their response, and then the court will have an oral argument, and then they’ll make a decision. Whatever decision they make, it’s going to go to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. So even if we win, the state will still force it to be decided by the highest court in Wisconsin."

Zellner reportedly will file the brief on December 20th. Avery is accused of killing Teresa Halbach in 2005. Esquire calls Zellner "one of the most successful appeal lawyers in America and was introduced in Making A Murderer's second season, (and she) also says she has enough evidence to convince judges that a third party was involved in Halbach's death, which would clear Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey."

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