Woman Receives $1.25M Settlement After Cop Rips Her Eye Out

blurry photo of police lights at night

A Bronx woman named Johanna Pagan-Alomar suffered the loss of her left eye while being arrested by an NYPD police officer in 2018 and will now be the recipient of a $1.25 million settlement, New York Daily News reports.

The incident began when Pagan-Alomar asked officers why they were handcuffing her friend.

One of the cops, now identified as Theresa Lustica, waved a bag at her and said that the bag contained heroin. Pagan-Alomar then tapped Lustica on her back as her friend was being led to a police car, though the officer claims that she shoved her. As a reaction, Lustica spun around and began delivering punches to her face with a handcuff key in her hand, essentially gouging out her left eye. Now, Pagan-Alomar is left with an acrylic eye because the doctors couldn’t save it.

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