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For years, The National Trial Lawyers has served as a valuable source for those seeking inspiration, information, and the latest legal news. We are passionate about sharing engaging stories for our Top 100, Top 40 Under 40, and Specialty Association members to enjoy and learn from. Covering Criminal Law, Politics, Civil Plaintiff, Coronavirus, and more, our collection of curated news content is deemed to be relevant, informative, and concise.

By providing free and educational content for active lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers makes it easy for our members to be in the know on current events and news. Our readers are able to stay up to date with the latest legal news to help stay informed on important topics happening in our nation and within our organizations. We strive to provide a fast and accessible gateway to a collection of legal news articles that are suitable for any attorney practicing civil plaintiff or criminal defense law.
The legal news team at The National Trial Lawyers works tirelessly to provide only the most relevant and informative content for our members. With topics that are appurtenant to our industry, this collection of articles presented by our team of legal experts covers vast amounts of material to appease our diverse membership. Our centralized news source remains one of the best portals for busy attorneys in The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, Top 40 Under 40, and Specialty Associations to grasp information such as groundbreaking case settlements, high-profile lawsuits, and developments within our legislation.

The National Trial Lawyers endeavors to keep our members informed on business and professional matters of interest through our curated collection of legal news. We also provide our established members with frequent publications such as The Trial Lawyer magazine and the Voice for Justice bi-weekly e-newsletter. Members are also encouraged to submit their latest verdicts, accomplishments, and news for the chance to be featured on our blog.
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